The Winter's Tale (1994)


1. Overture  (music: Dodds/Harrison/George)
2. Introductia  (music: Dodds; lyrics: Dodds)
3. The Shamen's Song  (music: Dodds; lyrics: Dodds)
4. The Night Visitor (Dreamscape part III)  (music: Thornton; lyrics: Dodds)
5. The Scent of Something (What Every New Day Yearns For Most) (music: Harrison; lyrics: Harrison)
6. Ship on the Sea (Jean's song) (music: Dodds; lyrics: Dodds)
7. Bread & Circus'  (music: Dodds/George; lyrics: Dodds)
8. Sheperds Revels (music: Traditional, adapted and arranged by Dodds)
9. Dark Room  (music: Harrison; lyrics: Dodds)
10. Sonnet III  (music: Harrison; lyrics: Dodds)
11. Underture  (music: Harrison/Thornton)




The following companion piece saw a slightly more diverse writing structure with Jon adding his own mark; 'Dreamscape part 3'. It also gave a studio version to the earlier-recorded 'Shamen's Song' and concluded with the 'Sonnet 3/Underture' combination, giving closure to the pair of albums. The Overture and Underture both contain songs from both albums – it is worth seeing how many of them you can spot!

This album marked a departure for RJ; with Dodds becoming increasingly focused on other projects.