Sting in the Tale (1990)


 Side A

1. Faceless People
2. Guy Fawkes
3. T.V. Screen
4. Second Coming

Side B

1. Old Jack
2. Company Director
3. Secret Society
4. Magpie
5. I Can Hew




Having secured a deal with London-based HTD records, Red Jasper finally made it into the studio to produce their first full album. This was sort of a 'best of' of their early gigging set (at this point RJ were playing up to 15 times a month across the UK). Engineered by Craig Thomson (Def Leppard's Pyromania) and with guest violin on three tracks by Ric Sanders (Fairport Convention), this release elevated the band and produced an album that all fans of the music will own.

It was the final act for band members Pat D'Arcy and Tony Heath, who departed shortly afterwards.