Biography Robin Harrison

Robin HarrisonA Darkened Room. Weary man on couch. A professional looking gentleman enters and takes comfy chair to side of couch.

Therapist: So where did it all start?

Guitarist: In a bar - doesn't it always start in a bar? A pub -The Cross-keys – darkest Wiltshire. I'm minding my own business when I fall into conversation with a bearded guy in an old flying jacket. Turns out he is a folk singer with the idea of getting a bit 'edgier' in an electric guitar, political comment, post punk type way.

I should have made my excuses and left.

Therapist: But you didn't?

Guitarist: No. We drank pints, we retired to his cottage (conveniently three doors up from the pub), we drank Bushmills. He played me demo tapes. We drank Bushmills. He fell asleep. I took the still smouldering pipe out of his mouth, went home and threw up.

Next day I persuaded my mate (and fellow guitarist) Tony Heath to help me out with what I was convinced was a tremendous opportunity to become a 'proper' musician and the rest is history.

Therapist: History in the sense that it was a long time ago – not that it was something important people read about in books or on the internet?

Guitarist: er.......yes, quite.

Therapist: Things got better right?