Pull That Thumb (Off the Top of Your Head) (1989)



Side A


1. Pull That Thumb (Off the Top of Your Head)

2. Flagpole


Side B


1. England's Green & Pleasant Land?


 This more or less carried on where the first album left off. 'Side A' contained the title track; all about doing things your own way, and the second track Flagpole, which takes a swipe at crap commercialised products: "I'd rather be singing my own song, than strumming along with the new number one".

Dodds could be hailed as a mini Nostradamus; when you examine the late 80s and early 90s RJ; a lot of this has come to pass. 'Side B' hosted the prog-opus 'England's Green and Pleasant Land?', which some would call the definitive early RJ song. The political themes do not necessarily place blame at the door of any political party; but simply suggest that it never gets better regardless of who is in power.

This EP of course gave vinyl debuts to both DC and Pat D'Arcy.

Side note: the front cover shot was taken in Bristol by DC, who accosted a guy called Michael in the street and asked for his permission to use him for the front cover. DC thought he looked suitably 'oppressed'. (Michael is name-checked in the later 'World turned upside down').