Biography Lloyd George

BioLloydLloyd first appeared with Red Jasper as a guest on the live album Action Replay in 1992. The four-piece line-up required some keyboards for this album as much of the earlier Jasper material had keyboards. Lloyd was then fronting Stroud based alt-rock group JUST. This band had released its debut album Distant Reflections in 1991. Lloyd continued to play for Red Jasper on a guest basis fitting this around his other responsibilities. In this period of time he spent more time on stage with the group contributing his own style to the older Red Jasper material. At this time Cirencester based Hawkwind tribute band Friends & Relations invited Lloyd to play synths and keys on an ad hoc basis with them too, keeping three bands going!

When SI offered to advance the band to produce A Midsummer Nights Dream. Lloyd's previous experience of album production with JUST proved useful, being a member of the Record Producers Guild – laterally the Music Producers Guild (MPG) of which Lloyd has been an on-off member for years. Taking the role of keyboard player and pre-production the basic ideas for the album were worked out with MIDI sequencing prior to recording at Broadoak studios. The Winter's Tale was pre-produced to a greater extent on 8 track and MIDI, taking 3 months although the album itself was recorded in just about a week. The keyboard arrangements became deeper and even more symphonic . It was around this time that Red Jasper and Shadowlands did a joint headliner around the Netherlands. Dunno if he was taking the piss or not but Clive Nolan was overheard talking to Lloyd commenting on Lloyd's graceful 'yoga' style of keyboard playing with Clive acting out large dramatic arm gestures just to land his hands to play a nice simple major triad while balancing on one leg!

Anagrammay was a different kettle of fish and in many ways represents the ongoing creative force in the now reformed Red Jasper. DC, Robin, Jon and Lloyd all took a more equitable role in the song writing on this album whereas before most songs were written by Davey Dodds and Robin. He contributed some lyrics to Robin's Perfect Symmetry and wrote and arranged In The Name of Empire and Rhaeadreau (Welsh for Waterfalls) from the same album. Lloyd also brought more sequenced keyboards to the work clearly from his Electronica and Krautrock influences.

Then what seemed to be the final chapter of RJ was playing out. Davey's and DC's interests had shifted elsewhere leaving Robin, Jon and Lloyd to carry some semblance of the band forward. There was an effort to try out Hair o' the Dogma front man Bret Chandra on vocal and flute along with a new drummer. Lloyd was playing drums for Hair o' The Dogma and bass guitar for Wonderbrass at the time. And I guess that the lure of Comedy Folk Rock and Jazz was too great; Lloyd left for these new pastures to try new things.

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