Biography Jon Thornton

BioJonI learned to play Bass Guitar after being humiliated by a friend in my village who had learned how to play a guitar while I had been lying to people that I could. He formed a three-piece with me and told me that I was the bass player. I hadn't a clue what that was but I started to listen and learn from that moment on. The band was named 'Plastic Idle'.

I bought my first bass and modeled my style of Uriah Heep's Gary Thain and played my first gigs in a dance band. I formed a band called 'Retrospect' when I was 15 and we played every weekend, the material being mostly Teddy-boy stuff. After a while I started playing in a rock band called 'Magnum', but we had to change our name after finding out that our Birmingham namesakes who were starting to do rather well. After various line-ups I managed to get my classic line-up. Lead vocals, guitar, bass, drums and keyboards, and we played together under the name 'Abnormal Load'. At the same time I helped out my friend Stuart Adamson who had just finished with punk band 'The Skids' and joined 'Big Country'. We played only two gigs inside the two months I was with them, but musical differences forced me to quit, and you know what happened to them after that!

From the ashes of 'Abnormal Load' I formed 'Blue Bitch' in protest at Thatcher's political policies, supporting, amongst others, 'Budgie'. The other members of the band however were heavily into the drug scene and it became clear that I didn't want to stay in Scotland playing the same venues with different bands all of the time. After answering numerous adverts in 'Melody Maker', I got the job in a band called 'Blue Side of Midnight' who were heavily influenced by U2, so I moved down to Bath. We went on to support bands such as 'King' and 'Ian Dury'. The band called it a day when we were cheated out of a contract by a band called 'Massive Attack'.

I decided my future was still down south and tried with various musicians known to me. During my time with one band a local guy told me that a Wiltshire band that had a record contract was auditioning for a Bass Player. I then joined Red Jasper and in my opinion was then in my perfect band. After a long break, the future now looks bright again, so roll on 'The Great and Secret Show'!