Why 'The Great and Secret Show'?

 This goes back some years.  It is a favourite book of both myself and Robin (we regularly discuss horror and fantasy literature), and Rob had the bare bones of this song together in 1996.  When we were rehearsing material for 'Anagramary' he brought this one to the table.  Maybe the 'jam' environment of the session, don't really know, but we ended up just playing around the first few chords and it became what was eventually 'Flag'.  When we reconvened this time, this was the first song we looked at, adapted it and made it the focal point of the new album.  The song probably charts the evolution of Red Jasper, which is possible why it didn't quite fit 17 years ago.  I believe on this album we have definitely retained the RJ sound, but it has undoubtedly moved on.  We were always a little left of field which commercially didn't always do us favours, but fuck it; we do what we do and love it.  With the line-up change that will no doubt be interesting now for people who own our previous albums, and as always we'll take people with us, maybe not a few and hopefully find a new audience too. 

'The Great and Secret Show' is a fantastic story written by one of my favourite horror visionaries Clive Barker.  His unconventional approach and ability to push boundaries sits well with us philosophically and we are very honoured to pay him homage here. In this internet age I won't bang on about the story, you can find that here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Great_and_Secret_Show and please also read more about the great man himself here http://www.clivebarker.info/, but suffice to say it is superb, a classic good vs evil struggle, so read or get the audiobook (that probably exists, haven't checked).

We deal head on with the book on a few songs; 'The Great and Secret Show', 'Bonds beyond reason', 'New Man' and deal more overtly with the themes on the others.  We've taken some time doing this (as we've oft mentioned).  We all think the overall product was worth the wait, hope you all do too.  DC, October 2014