Biography Florin Werner

florinI started to make music when I was faily little. My parents made me play the recorder but i managed to get out of it and switched to piano and later drums. I think I was about 9 when I first started annoying the neighbourhood with fairly horrible sounding beats. I played in a couple of bands and quickly discovered that drumming was something I loved. I started to get professional lessons with different people and developed my own groove. For 3 years I played and travelled with singer and song writer Ronny Weisflog and gained experience gigging and just generally being a musician ;)

With 18 I moved to the UK and went to a music college for a year where I started playing in the Bean Baker Band. We toured through the UK and Germany and recorded an EP in early 2012. In that time I also recorded for different song writers and got the taste for being a professional musician. Since then I played in several line ups and went to Germany, France and even up to India to do what I do best and also began teaching drums in Schools.

I joined Red Jasper in November 2012 and am looking forward to getting busy with the guys. I could be most of theirs son, but someone has to be the pretty face, right? :)

If you want to know about what I'm up to away from the stage check out my facebook at