England's Green and Pleasant Land (1987)


 Side A

1. Drinking Song
2. Come & Buy
3. Nuclear Power

Side B

1. Song for Summer
2. Company Director
3. Go For It





The first studio outing for Red Jasper, this album includes some songs long-forgotten and some that keep re-emerging. Jasper favourite 'Company Director' made its debut long before Pat's soulful sax turned it into the definitive version. As was the lilt of the band, the lyrics in the early days were overtly political. Red Jasper used to be known as 'Rural Anarchists' (indeed their fan club magazine in the 1990s was called 'The Rural Anarchist'). The songs were mostly blowing off steam in Thatcher and post-Thatcher Britain, and included political opinion about issues that even hold true today, such as the consumer-lead society that emerged in the 80s and is now of course part of every day life.

Raw, rare, but if you can find one worth a listen.