Biography David Clifford

BioDCDC comes from a long and established musical heritage, his birth mother, Zoƫ, was Ian Gillan's partner for 11 years and his uncle Paul Dean was founder member of the Gillan-lead 'Jerusalem' in the early 1970s.

He started drumming at age 5, and singing shortly after. He played sessions for various rock bands in the mid-80s, before hooking up with Red Jasper in 1988. The nickname 'DC' actually came from the early Red Jasper days, as both Dave's in the band were liable to turn around when somebody shouted; and it stuck.

Since the band's hiatus in 1997, he has worked solidly as a vocalist, gaining a great deal of experience; working in musical theatre productions and also with acquaintance Richard O'Brien.

In 2010 DC started working with Clive Nolan to create the 'Caamora Theatre Company'. Over the next few years, they will be performing and recording the Musicals of Clive Nolan. DC is currently producing the European Premiere of Clive's 'She The Musical' which will debut as a full theatrical musical in Cheltenham, February 2012. He will also be directing and taking the lead male role of 'Leo'. Following shortly after that, in mid to late 2012, will be the studio album of Clive's brand new musical 'Alchemy'. DC will play the character and romantic lead; William Gardelle. This musical is due to follow 'She' onto the stage in 2013. This of course will join hand-in-hand with DC's new role as lead singer of Red Jasper, and Nolan tie-ups and joint gigs with possibly Shadowland or Arena in the future seem fairly likely.