Anagramary (1997)


1. Perfect Symmetry
(music: Thornton; lyrics: Harrison/George)
2. Babylon Rising
(music: Clifford/George/Harrison/Thornton; lyrics: Dodds)
3. In Her Eyes
(music: Thornton; lyrics: Harrison)
4. In the Name of Empire
(music: George; lyrics: George)
5. Flag
(music: Clifford/Thornton/Harrison)
6. Island of the Mighty
(music: Clifford/Harrison/Thornton; lyrics: Harrison)
7. People of the Hills
(music: Harrison/Thornton; lyrics: Dodds)
8. Through the Dawn
(music: Clifford/Smallman; lyrics: Liaghat)
9. Waterfalls (Rhaeadreau)
(music: George)

Looking for RJ on the internet? Trust me; anagramary is the best search string to use. This gave birth to a much more open writing team. All members of RJ contributed, but due to other life commitments and projects, by this point Dodds was hardly involved at all. All the way back in 1997, it began to shape how the RJ of 2010 would probably emerge. DC performed lead vocals on 2 songs, including his own 'Through the dawn'. Bands evolve and change; this was certainly the case with Red Jasper with this their final release before going into hibernation. Harder-edged with a more mainstream prog feel.