A Midsummer Night's Dream (1993)


1. Sonnet I
(music: Harrison; lyrics: Dodds)
2. Virtual Reality
(music: Harrison; lyrics: Dodds)
3. Berkana
(music: Harrison; lyrics: Dodds)
4. Dreamscape (part I & II)
(music: Dodds; lyrics: Dodds)
5. Jean's Tune
(music: Dodds)
6. Invitation to Dance
(music: Traditional, arranged by Harrison and Dodds)
7. Treasure Hunt
(music: Harrison; lyrics: Harrison)
8. Sonnet II
(music: Harrison; lyrics: Dodds)


This and the next need less of an introduction. Anyone that has ever liked RJ music probably owns this two-part collection. Based on the themes surrounding the Shakespeare play(s), it was mostly the brainchild of Dodds/Harrison. The complex themes and meters used; for example the Sonnet meter is exact - three four-line stanzas (called quatrains) and a final couplet composed in iambic pentameter. It was this attention to detail that often lead to Dodds' lyrics being discussed; even appearing in publications such as 'Mensa' magazine.

The social and political themes remained; although softened.